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Post by James Harden Sun Apr 07, 2013 8:47 pm

Houston Bombers

GE(3 year deal)
csdspartans7(1 year deal)
ManagerFootball(3 year deal)
blazerz123(1 year deal)
thefatkid(1 year deal)
greivis vasquez (GV)(1 year deal)
shibby(1 year deal)

ABQ/ATL Knights

Devin Hester(3 year deal)
altidore(1 year deal)
Cal Ripken(1 year deal)
mike12dog(1 year deal)

Boston Chieftains

PH(1 year deal)
King James
really(1 year deal)
Danny(1 year deal)
Cruel(1 year deal)
Glu(1 year deal)

Miami Sharks

Jorty Jr. (3 years deal)
Coordy (2 year deal)
Finalace (1 year deal)
GalatasarayHBB (1 year deal)
BlasterBlade (2 year deal)
vandyfan (1 year deal)
gigs (1 year deal)


HOU: 1 player cap space
ABQ: 2 player cap space
BOS: 2 player cap space
MIA: 0 player cap space

Draft Picks:

Hou: 1 1st round draft pick
ABQ: 2 1st round draft picks (Boston) 1 2nd round draft pick
Bos: 2 2nd round draft picks (Hou)
Mia: 1 1st round draft pick 1 2nd Round draft pick

Cutting Players is now locked. You can only trade players until Game 12 of the season. After that you can only cut coaches. Any trade of cut today and after game 12 will be DENIED
James Harden
James Harden

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