Game 2 Recaps made by James Harden

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Game 2 Recaps made by James Harden Empty Game 2 Recaps made by James Harden

Post by jjramz52 on Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:51 am

um your now 3rd

anyways I'm good at this stuff, let me do the recap of today's games

Miami Sharks 63 , ABQ Knights 8

2v1, Jorty Jr and new player coordy were the duo that dismantled ManagerFootball and the Bobcats

will the Knights be able to come back and actually win a game? We'll have to see soon enough.

Houston Bombers 19, Boston Chieftons 8

GE, James Harden, and csd played terrific defense against cruel. the game had a little bit of drama when cruel was being a b**** and he rage quit a little before halftime. After that, he came back but BC could never recover.

shows that being selfish is bad and having teamwork is good

well those are the recap of todays games


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