MFB Signing with ABQ

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MFB Signing with ABQ

Post by jjramz52 on Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:49 am

Contract Season Length: 2

This is a locked contract MFB can't leave or be cut. Unless one of the below things happen, or both player and team owner agree to void the contract.

Team Clauses to follow

1. Allow MFB to play over half the game time of any game MFB stays start to finish(MFB has to of made at least one practice that week for it to apply)
2. No kicking/banning MFB from games

If either of the clauses above are not followed MFB is given one week to void his contract for an instant release. MFB may then be free to negotiate and sign on any team he pleases. Once the week is over there is no more option to void till next the offence. Also to note if MFB does not play over half the game due to fouling out the team is not to blame and it does not count as a failing to keep clause.


1. Make at least one practice a week(Has to of been at least 3 practices that were posted 2 days in advance for this to apply)
2. Make at least half the games in the season

The failing of clause 1 will result in giving the team one week to cut MFB before the offence expires. The failing of clause 2 allows team 2 extra options to either cut MFB or extend the contract by one season on current the current terms of this deal. Offence of #2 expires when draft starts. Note if MFB is cut for doing either of the above, and MFB signs on another team before 3 weeks. The new team has to pay the origInal team a draft pick. If within 1 week it is a 1st. If within 2 weeks it is a 2nd. If within 3 weeks it is a 3rd. After 3 weeks MFB is free to sign on a team without them getting penalized. If cut before draft and MFB enters draft and it is inside the 3 weeks. New team still has to pay the compensation pick based on how long since getting cut.


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