Important Draft and Combine Dates

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Important Draft and Combine Dates Empty Important Draft and Combine Dates

Post by James Harden on Thu May 02, 2013 9:22 pm

Well since the regular season has ended for some of us, these are some of the Leagues' transactions that will happen as of 12:00 AM Friday (in about 3 hours)

Boston Cheiftons will relocate and become Sacramento Bears OWNER: ManagerFootball (AKA Manager_____ [_____=anything] or Death Star)

New team Brooklyn Ballers will become activated OWNER: Kobe Bryant (aka blazerz123)

As of NOW, they can host their own combines/scrimmages if they'd like to.

Any team can do scrimmages and combines in any time they want.


Friday, May 3rd 2013: Game 1 of Finals
Saturday?/Sunday May 4th/5th 2013: Game 2 of Finals
Sunday?/Tuesday May 5th/7th: Game 3 of Finals (if necessary)

For ABQ Knights and MIA Sharks, do you want a day-by-day series or do you want a 1 day rest between games? (ex of day-by-day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. ex of 1 game rest: friday, sunday, tuesday)

After Finals: OFFSEASON....will be one week long, get to be on 'vacation' what your vacation is either just chillaxing or your making rooms for your team's Combine.


we can adjust times if you like Wink dont worry the admins and I want as many people as we can into the draft room to see the draft live. We'll try our best to make the draft time convenient. As for the day, I think Saturday is already a good day bc its not during week. makes more people able to get there
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