About the All-star festivities

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About the All-star festivities

Post by jjramz52 on Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:45 pm

Dunk contest-
Timer is 1:30
Round 1 requires 2 dunks from each contestant.
Round 2 requires 1 dunk from each contestant.

3 point-
Each contestant shoots from each of the normal 5 spots in real life,the two corners,the spot in between the corner and the middle,and the middle.
Each contestant shoots 3 times from each spot.
The third spot at the time is a 2 point moneyball.
There will be 3 rounds,2 players will be cut the first 2 rounds and the winner will be determined round 3.

All star game-
Same as a normal game but with the lineups chosen by you as the players and the halfs will be extended to 15 minutes.


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