The battle to the end

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The battle to the end Empty The battle to the end

Post by jjramz52 on Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:50 pm

The game started out not like any normal one.The day before,the tragic happening in Boston of the Marathon had happened.No player on BOS would speak of it.The game then started.It was all defense te first half,the end of the half score being 0-2 HOU lead.No one could get any shot going.The perfect defense from both teams but then HOU took the lead.Half time came and a moment of slience came which was rudley broken up by HOU players of course.BOS GM jjramz52 demanded bans but none were set out.The half continued on when there were no scores for a little bit.Then King James drived in and shot a floater to bring it up to a tie game.The crowd went Nuts,they wouldnt stop screaming.Shocking that HOU did not call a Timeout,they played on.A turnover late in the second half from really gave csdspartans7 the ball for the easy jumper.But BOS would not be brought down this easy.A easy fadeaway jumper tied the game up at 4.With only 30 seconds to go,this is what happened.

"Ball going all over the place GE picks it up.Ball comes loose,GE picks up the ball,shoots.Swish,and BOS fans looking down now"

The clock was then wasted out as HOU came out with the win.Lots of players mad at themselves.Some left right away,some went and chatted after the game.Great game from both teams,lets see what they can do the next time they face this sunday.


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The battle to the end Empty Re: The battle to the end

Post by Jorty Jr on Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:19 am

Good good

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